Alterations & Repairs

Trousers too long? I can shorten them.

Lost some weight? Let me take in your clothes.

Don't want to throw clothes away?

Let me see if I can fix them.

Bespoke Garments

Sometimes you can't find what ytou want. Thats when you need to come to me. Tell me what you had in mind or show me a picture and I can create your vision.

Handmade Curios

We have a range of handmade crafts, gifts and greeting cards made by local artists.

The Tipsy Kitten

Bespoke Dressmaking, Handcrafted Jewellery, Accessories and More. 

20 years of experience sewing reenactment, steampunk and cosplay clothing.​

Here you can find examples of my custom made jewellery and clothing

You can find me on Facebook, Etsy, Red Bubble,

Tee Mill

Contact me with your queries or ideas for commissions.

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